It’s a Celebration! Charles’s Bridge Marks One Year Anniversary

It’s a Celebration! Charles’s Bridge Marks One Year Anniversary

There is cause for CELEBRATION!

Today, January 12, 2022, I celebrate the one-year anniversary aka bookiversary of CHARLES’S BRIDGE, the story (based on actual events) of a young artist’s fierce desire to create art and capture beauty during wartime.   

Thank you to everyone who has read, shared, reviewed, commented, encouraged, and supported CHARLES’S BRIDGE and me in all sorts of ways this past year! And special thanks to Nicole Lapointe, the talented illustrator who helps makes the story visually come alive.

CHARLES’S BRIDGE has been my Charles’s Bridge over this year of a pandemic, floods, and other challenging life events. I’m pleased to have this anniversary to say thanks and celebrate this positive milestone.     

And WHAT’S NEXT? The journey will continue for CHARLES’S BRIDGE with thoughts of a paperback edition and translations into other languages. Plus, I have at least four other stories/books at varying stages of completion in the works that I’m really excited to finish.

But before we begin year two, please read some of the highlights below of the wonderful experiences the book has had this first year and stay tuned.


  • Named among the best on one of the “Best Children’s Books for 2021” lists in SLJ (School Library Journal) and Betsy Bird’s “31 Days, 31 Lists: 2021 Informational Fiction. Betsy states CB is among “books that are willing to take a chance with a little imagination that “dare to mix nonfiction with fictional elements in a truly enjoyable way.”
  • Published a free online, downloadable Educator/Teacher’s Guide for CHARLES’S BRIDGE. Contains ready-made activities related to the actual story aligned to Common Core Standards to help teachers integrate the book into language arts and science curricula. Designed for grades K-3.  

  • Received many endorsements including the first one from Girija Kaimal, Associate Professor, PhD, Department of Creative Arts Therapies, Drexel University who said, “CHARLES’S BRIDGE is a beautiful and inspiring tribute to the power of imagination, human creativity and the power of art. The story shows us how even in times of greatest adversity, nature and natural materials can be a source of inspiration and sustain hope. A must-read for children and families especially in current times.”
  • Received many positive Reader Reviews. Want to give a bookiversary gift? Please leave a Reader Review on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Goodreads. It doesn’t have to be long – one or two sentences will do. Reader Reviews are very important for an author. Below are excerpts from current reviews:

A magical story with a powerful lesson for all ages; a wonderful story of creativity, resilience and ingenuity in the face of all odds; a touching and hopeful story, well told and beautifully illustrated; a timely lesson in resilience that adults, as well as children, will appreciate; knowing it’s a true story makes it all the more inspiring and captivating; tender and inspiring; Illustrations are magical; I loved this dear book, which offers children new avenues for creative thoughts about problem solving; A brilliantly executed little tale of courage and conviction that transcends time and place; a wonderful story of creativity, resilience and ingenuity in the face of all odds; an inspiring, thought-provoking read-aloud for children ages 4-8 and a beautiful story for all readers; an inspiring story of the power of the human spirit to adapt to hardships and find renewed joy in life by creatively embracing one’s surroundings; magnificently captured the era and the resilience of a young boy with a magical imagination

  • Participated as a virtual exhibitor at the Detroit Festival of Books and Czech Genealogical Society International (CGSI) Conference and exhibited live at the 39th Book Beat Birthday Party
  • Created a wandering Book Tour visiting places and landmarks in Detroit Charles and Sandra enjoyed – bridges, buildings, art galleries/museums, outdoor art, murals. . . Also, an inspired and adventurous reader/traveler went on tour with the book to Colombia, the United Kingdom and Argentina
  • Honored the Czech tradition of the art of puppetry, its role in the Czech resistance, and Charles’s father’s love of woodcarving and introduced the one-of-a kind hand-carved Charles marionette
  • Proudly placed the first copies for live public sale of CHARLES’S BRIDGE at Source Booksellers, in Sandra’s and Charles’s neighborhood where the book was written

  • Featured article in the Oakland Press and review in Slovakia magazine

  • Listed in the National Czech and Slovak Museum and Library (NCSML) print and online 2021 Holiday Catalog
  • If you are a proud owner of CHARLES’S BRIDGE, thank you for your patronage. You can buy the book wherever books are sold online and at your favorite independent bookstore. If it’s not on their shelves ask them to order it for you. If you’re a library user, ask your local library to get the book for their collection. Please contact me for special pricing for larger quantities of books for students, etc. 

These are just a few of the highlights from this past year – if I didn’t mention you, please know that I still appreciated your involvement and support and look forward to working with you in the future.

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