Endorsement for Border Crossing: Coming of Age in the Czech Resistance                  by Jaime R. Bellos, High School AP U.S. History Teacher, Centerline, MI

“Teenagers and students of all countries need to read this book.”


“Wow….what a book!  The first thought that came to mind after reading Border Crossings was, “I have to get my students to read this!”  It reminded me of the story of Louis Zamperini in Unbroken just in Czechoslovakia instead.

This is a true story of an extraordinary man.  Charles was a man that had unparalleled faith for his friends, family, and country.  His story speaks of the hard and dangerous work of resisting oppression during the most trying times of the last century under brutal dictatorial governments.  It was the constant burning for freedom that kept him and many others fighting the oppressive system of the Nazis and Soviets.  It is this desire that has kept our own country free and democratic over these last few centuries.

Teenagers and students of all countries need to read this book.  Much too often we take our freedom for granted and the story Charles weaves shows how freedom isn’t free.  He also shows us how that no matter the situation there is always hope.

Hope is what keeps us striving for whatever we want to achieve whether it is freedom from tyranny or crossing borders to survive and thrive in another country.  Combine faith, hope, hard work ethic, ingenuity, determination, love of country, people, compassion for freedom and you get Charles Novacek:  a true real-life hero!”

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We’re pleased to announce the availability of the Educator’s Guide for Border Crossings: Coming of Age in the Czech Resistance. Information is published on the website blog with a link to a free copy of the guide designed by Debbie Gonzalez.

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Sandra Novacek