Husband’s Story and Students’ Thank You Inspire

Husband’s Story and Students’ Thank You Inspire

bccenterlinehs1One of the best parts of promoting my late husband’s book, BORDER CROSSINGS: Coming of Age in the Czech Resistance is sharing the story with young people. Thanks, Jaime Bellos for inviting me to speak with your AP World History Class at Center Line High School (in Center Line, Michigan) about Charles’ memoir and thanks to the students for being such a great audience! It was a pleasure meeting with you last week.

Another “best part” happened tonight when I came home exhausted after working at my job and on book promotion, got my mail and found this wonderful personally handwritten thank you card from the students thanking me for telling Charles and my story. You brought me great cheer and inspire me to keep going.  


If you are interested in having Sandra Novacek speak about Border Crossings at your event, book club, or school contact her at

And remember there’s an Educator’s Guide for BORDER CROSSINGS created by author, educator, and consultant, Debbie Gonzales.

The guide “has been crafted with the overall intent to connect readers with Charles’ emotional journey as a young man growing up in a time of historical turmoil. The lessons and activities presented in the guide are creative, intuitive, and informative, thus allowing students to consider Charles’ plight as if it were their own. All aspects of the guide have been aligned with the Common Core Anchor Standards of Reading Informational Texts, Writing, Speaking & Listening, and History/Social Studies for grades 6 to 12.”

Ms. Gonzales states “This unforgettable book distills history down to a person level, one that young people can connect with emotionally. Students will identify with Charles and his initial desires to be a regular kid, engaging in activities and interests much like their own. As the incredible story progresses, students will be shocked by the unbelievable trials Charles was forced to endure – trials that are documented through letters, documents, and pictures. In short, BORDER CROSSINGS: Coming of Age in the Czech Resistance transcends a factual study of war and geography into an experience and appreciation of a man’s soulful journey of heartfelt love for his country and her people.”

The guide is available online through and What a thrill to be able to introduce and share Charles’ message and story with young people!

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