Home Again: A Library, a Book, and Friends

Home Again: A Library, a Book, and Friends

bccromaineconferenceroomcr2brightI did “go home” again! And it was magnificent!

In a recent blog post I reported that I would be returning on May 9, 2014 to the town and place where Charles and I first met in person – the Cromaine (District) Library in Hartland, Michigan. The town where I had been a library director for twenty-one years.

I was honored to be invited by the Library and Friends of Cromaine Library to speak about Charles’ award-winning book, Border Crossings: Coming of Age in the Czech Resistance and for a gala opening for an exhibition of Charles’ paintings.

So here I am in the above photograph (second from the left in the front row), accompanied by some of the fun and talented people I used to work with – at least one of them dating back to 1975!

bcmadonnaofthechairThere was some magic going on when we all worked together and I felt glimmers of it and Charles last Friday night as we stood proudly in front of Raphael’s “Madonna of the Chair.”

It was the first time I had been in that exact place since the year I met Charles – 1996.

So hard to believe so many years have passed since we had our award-winning library  team – including a John Cotton Dana Library Public Relations Award! We proudly called ourselves the Cromaineans or Cromainiacs on those hectic, crazy days one experiences when working in a public library!

Two of the team pictured still work at the library. One made a pilgrimage from Columbus, Ohio just to be there for the event and albeit brief reunion.

All hail, Cromaineans!  Thanks for going back “home!”

Have you ever “Gone home again?” If so, please share a bit of your story.

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  1. Sandra- I am touched by the magic which you experienced at last week’s reunion. How wonderful to be able to relive your treasured memory of meeting Charles for the first time !

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