Border Crossings: Above the Fold

Border Crossings: Above the Fold

gpnewsletterme400Last winter on Valentine’s Day 2014, I was overjoyed when a story on Border Crossings: Coming of Age in the Czech Resistance (my late husband Charles Novacek’s posthumously-published memoir) appeared on the front page of the Detroit Free Press above the fold, “Ultimate valentine: Book of husband’s war-era stories became a project of love.

“Above the fold” has traditionally been used to describe the placement of content on a newspaper’s front page. The paper’s headline and lead stories are placed on the part of the front page that is most prominent when the paper is folded and displayed on stands.

The items “above the fold” are also those editors think are important and might invite readers to buy and/or read the newspaper.

This year I’m delighted to be featured on the back page “above the fold” in the winter 2015 issue of Library Pointes: the tri-annual newsletter of the Grosse Pointe Public Library, Know Your Librarians! Sandy Novacek.” Here I list five things readers might not know about me (with mention of Border Crossings) and my “Most Embarrassing Library Moment!”

Front page, back page “above the fold.” Does it really matter? It’s just great to be noticed!

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