A Prayer for Peace & Love to Win

A Prayer for Peace & Love to Win

Charles Novacek, age 3 stands next to his father's bee apiary.  Ožďany, Czechoslovakia, 1938.
Charles Novacek, age 3 stands next to his father’s bee apiary. Ožďany, Czechoslovakia, 1931. Photo Source: Novacek, Charles. Border Crossings: Coming of Age in the Czech Resistance, Ten21 Press, 2012.

Most events where I speak about Border Crossings don’t close with a prayer, but last night’s did. I was moved by the words. . .  tenderly spoken:

“Thank you, God for bringing love together in telling the story of a life well-lived, of experiences shared,  and the growth that came as Sandy has told us of her husband Charles Novacek’s life. . . from the son of a beekeeper to 1938, when his life was forever changed. As we have heard the story, we pray for peace around the world, always searching for LOVE to win!”

Thank you, kind members of the Merry Mates, fellowship group at the First United Methodist Church in Birmingham, MI for your hospitality and your kindness!

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